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Wheels North


Wheels North is a progressive newgrass band from the Illinois Fox Valley comprised of Mark Frystak (guitar/vocal), Hayley Skreens (banjo/vocal), Jesse Fuller (bass/vocal) and Chris Grant (fiddle). Wheels North offers powerful three-part harmonies, skillfully crafted song arrangements, and an enticing catalog of both originals and covers. Their live show is engaging and energetic, and challenges the limits of grass based music. 

Mark Frystak provides a driving force on his Martin D-28 dreadnought guitar while leading vocal duties.  Frystak's warm vocal tone & exploration of rhythm idiosyncrasies are cornerstones of his playing, spearheading the direction of each piece.  As the former frontman of Close Enough, Frystak has carried on his inventive design of song to Wheels North.  


Hayley Skreens delivers heart and soul with her signature vocal and banjo style.  Her jazz-country vocal approach and melodic banjo interpretation are deliberately expressed in this progressive bluegrass band.  Having worked as a nationally touring artist for years in Under the Willow, she is happy to ground roots in the Chicagoland area.  


Jesse Fuller brings a stunningly thoughtful element to the upright bass.  Instinctively knowing the needs of each piece is his foremost strength on bass, vocals, and in arrangement.  Fuller has most recently collaborated with the nationally touring act River Valley Rangers, and is now lending his laundry list of talents to Wheels North.


Chris Grant offers his eclectic fiddle style to complete the Wheels North sound.  Having musical history in jazz, classical and gypsy fiddle, he yields a wide array of skills to further twist the take on newgrass.  Grant has collaborated with a myriad of projects, and in addition to Wheels North you can find him slaying on the telecaster in the outstanding band, Tiny Country.  

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